2019 Keynote Speech by Tom Llamas, ABC News

Anchor of ABC News “World News Tonight” weekend editions, and Chief National Affairs Correspondent, Tom Llamas, was the JEA/Loyola Louisiana State Conference keynote speaker.
Llamas was scheduled to attend in person but he was assigned the story on the ongoing political controversy in Virginia.  We were able to bring him in via FaceTime video for the talk with students.  He did the talk from the Virginia State Capitol after his ABC Good Morning America liveshots.    He talked for about 20 minutes, took some questions and then went live on ABC’s “The DeBrief” show which we watched live and he gave us a surprise shoutout.
Shoutout to Students: https://youtu.be/-M-ptKs7ZzU (about :25 seconds)

Link to Full Speech: https://youtu.be/RAZKCOQgaT0 (about 21 minutes)