Advisers: Mentoring Program


The JEA Mentoring Program has been in operation since the fall of 2007. So far, we’ve trained 70 mentors, who have worked with more than 475 new journalism teachers.

Linda Barrington and Peggy GregoryNSPA convention in Anaheim

Linda Barrington (left) and Peggy Gregory edit materials at the JEA/NSPA convention in Anaheim that were distributed to the mentors.

The Mentoring Program has helped teachers in 29 states and two foreign countries. Of the programs that have been involved in the Mentoring Program, about 35-40 percent of the schools are minority-majority or rural schools. (See the clickable state map to see the schools where the Mentoring Program has been in action.)

By providing an ongoing support system to improve the retention rate of new journalism teachers, we hope that new advisers in this program
 will stay with their publications and build them into strong, effective programs that promote JEA’s goals of freedom of expression, responsible journalism, and support for diversity.